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Want to be a Data Scientist? Turn Your Passion into a Profession

The economy in the 21st century is progressively moving towards analytics. Data is wealth in today’s digital era. Businesses across the world spend their time collecting data. Hence, the a demand for professionals who have expertise in data mining and interpretation. This accounts for the rise in demand for a data science course.

If you have a passion, now would be a time to act upon it. Enrol in a data analyst course today, to have a bright professional future doing what you are passionate about!

Want to be a Data Scientist? Turn Your Passion into a Profession

Who is a data scientist?

Data is everything in today’s economy. A data scientist is at the centre of it all. They mine, analyse and interpret data to secure valuable insights. Businesses work through robust analytics.

Gathering data from a wide range of sources helps in strategy development. With proper organisation of the data, we can develop solutions and have important findings. Taking machine learning classes can help individuals harness skills to deal with data analysis.

A data science professional can work in correspondence with IT architects, business stakeholders, app developers, data engineers, analysts, etc.

What do data scientists do?

Data science is an evolving industry. We have spoken at length about the various ways you can make a career out of it and what are the requirements. Let us see what would be your roles and requirements.

The poignant role as we know is data mining, cleaning and proper representation using visualisation tools and software. Hiring companies look for aspirants who can store data, manage, analyse and interpret organisational data in both structured and unstructured formats.

What eligibility criteria do you need to build a career in data science?

Having strong mathematics and analytical skills is the foundation for becoming a data scientist. A proper understanding of complex data sets is necessary. Individuals must be familiar with programming languages and proficient with statistical software packages.

There is still some debate about whether you need a particular degree to pursue data science as a career. There are several certificate programs that aspirants seek. Enrolling on a machine learning course is one of the routes that people take to get into the industry.

However, a university degree can benefit aspirants in their careers. If you graduate with degrees in subjects like computer science, physics, statistics, mathematics, engineering your career in data science can be promising.

How can you have a career in data science?

Data scientists extract knowledge from all the data gathered. Today we find an increase in demand for professionals who can use data analysis to a competitive advantage for business. Businesses focus on data-driven analytics and solutions that data scientists can create.

  1. Having a graduate degree: You must earn a bachelor’s degree that is beneficial to building a career in the industry. The degree should be relevant to data science like statistics, computer science, etc. Hiring companies look for this criterion in their recruitment process.
  2. Develop programming skills: A relevant graduate degree gives a theoretical foundation of the subject. But to be a quick pick for any company, having a grip on programming languages like Python SQL, SAS and R is necessary.
  3. Develop relevant skills: Data scientists must know how to deal with machine learning, data visualization and big data. Individuals must be proficient in handling large datasets to sort, clean and analyze. Knowledge of certain tools is crucial to data science.
  4. Certifications: Enrolling on a machine learning course can help you learn skills. Certification courses teach you how to learn skills and software packages related to data science. With a proper data science course aspirants can start their journey in the industry with relevant skills and expertise.
  5. Internships: Graduate degrees and skills are not enough to get you started in the data science industry. Internships give you the push that you need. Hiring companies have certain criteria when it comes to data scientists. Hands-on training is one of the many criteria that companies emphasize.
  6. Securing entry-level data science jobs: Internships are the doorway to getting an entry-level job as a data scientist. If the company you intern with is open to recruitment then your performance can be a determinant in getting you a secure position. So develop your skills relevant to the position that you want to apply for which can be data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, etc.

What are certain requirements that you must fulfill as a data scientist?

There are several skills that you develop to make a career in data science. The following are some of the skills you must have-

  • Statistical and mathematical reasoning skills
  • Relevant programming abilities in Python, R, Java and the like
  • Having the proper understanding of extraction, transfer and load (ETL) concepts
  • Familiarity with machine learning tools and algorithms
  • Knowledge regarding data visualization, data wrangling and data exploration
  • Deep learning concepts
  • Experience in big data problems

To Wrap Up

Data science is an exciting field. If you wish to build a career as a data scientist, you will surely find it rewarding. With proper aid, you can turn your passion into a profession. Enrolling into a data analyst course or a data science course can help you develop skills relevant to the field.
If you have the intellectual curiosity, then start today. A good starting point would be Great Learning MInds (GLM) based out of Gurgaon. This IT institute offers students with career counselling, mock interviews and training coupled with relevant feedback. Join the machine learning classes today, to have a great career tomorrow!

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