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We are one of the best SQL training providers in Gurgaon. We provide in-depth learning SQL training to students. Students having MS SQL certification are able to get high paying jobs in MNCs. We consider our trainers to be our core strengths as they are highly knowledgeable and also experienced. They have designed practical modules that are highly beneficial for students. We provide students with practical classes as well. We also provide job assistance to the learners.

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The topics that we cover include MS SQL topics covered are:

  • Introduction to MS SQL
  • Protecting data integrity with constraints
  • Building the Database
  • Schema
  • Manipulating Data
  • Applying transactions
  • Manipulating Data
  • Writing Single Table Queries etc.
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An Overview of the SQL Course

The SQL course that we provide is comprehensive learning and we also provide you with job placement assistance. We prepare you about all the important aspects of SQL. We provide you with placement training and will also provide you with lectures on the current trends.

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No matter the stage of your career, if growth in India’s Tech Industry is your desired outcome, we got you covered.

Tools and technologies covered

Course details

At Great Learning Minds, we cover the basics as well as the advanced topics in SQL. We not only offer hands on training but also help students with placements. Our SQL training teaches you the following:

  • Learn to write structured query language from the beginning.
  • Learn to write SQL with the help of the server Management studio of Microsoft.
  • Learn to use the SQL server database to retrieve, aggregate, filter, group, calculate, and sort data.
  • Learn to use relational database to interrogate data.
  • Insert, update, and delete records to learn changing probed data.
  • Obtain real-time training in the restriction and sorting of data.
  • Learn to show data in tables and use various built-in methods.

It is expected that the job market of SQL enthusiasts is good and expectedly it will improve all the more. The SQL developers can find work anywhere. The average compensation of an SQL developer in the United States is somewhat around $72,740 and in India it is $428001.

As an SQL developer, you can get a variety of jobs. The most evident is that of a software engineer. The IT industry all across the world are looking for SQL trained employees. Most of the SQL developers are database experts or have a lot of experience managing the development of the database. There are several types of SQL developers depending on the platform, however, the basic functions that they perform like add, change, recover and delete the database are similar.

In the year 2019, the popularity of SQL even surpassed oracle as this is frequently used as a standalone database and even in conjunction with other data base solutions like PostreSQL, MongoDB. MySQL is free and is also open source. This allows the software to be adjusted or tailored as per the exact requirements. This software is also able to manage all the sizes across the environment very easily. This is mostly used by the ecommerce deployments that require a more efficient and streamlined solution.

Once you are a certified SQL developer, you have the opportunity to getting hired by Google, Accenture, TCS, IBM etc.

Steps to get admission in the best SQL Courses

Clear the admission test
Complete Documentation process
Pay 50% of the course
Pay rest 50% after the placement

How will our program uplift your career?

Lifetime Placement Assistance

Live Online Training

Pay 50% upon admission, 50% after placement.

Develop skills for career growth.

Soft skills training

Get access to the course materials throughout your life time

40+ hours of Holistic Development Training

Get Industry-Endorsed Certification

Capstone Projects & Internship

Frequently Asked Questions.

The SQL course that we offer are designed in a way so as to help you prepare for a career in database management, system administration, business intelligence and data analysis. This helps you to gain the essential skills to manipulate and query the data bases effectively.

Yes beginners can also apply for the course.

You can apply for this course even when you do not have any formal qualification, however, if you have a qualification in computer science, that will be advantageous for you.

Yes you can apply for an SQL online course.

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